Les Enseignes Professionnelles is a family business established in the manufacturing of signage and signage since 1980. Our team is composed of qualified individuals, passionate, rigorous, ingenious and in constant improvement.

We dare to redefine the boundaries of the brand's products to provide our customers with superior products and services at all levels. This is what has allowed us to complete many major projects in Quebec and the Maritimes for several years.

The integration of "Lean Manufacturing" in our company requires us to be more efficient in managing our operations and having control over our clients' projects.

For any information request, contact our team!

Sabrina Marchand
Sales manager

Pro depuis 2006

Alain Marchand

Pro depuis 1980

Linda Marchand

Pro depuis 1980

Marilee Boisclair
Administrative Director

Pro depuis 2021

Maude Fortin
Sales representative

Pro depuis 2011

Francis Marchand
Sales representative - technical director

Pro depuis 2001

Mélanie Poirier
Executive assistant

Nataly Ipperciel
Accounting department

Pro depuis 2017

Stéphanie Laflamme
Sales assitant

Pro depuis 2021

Sylvie Caron

Pro depuis 2020

Andréanne Touzin
Purchasing technician

Pro depuis 2023

Patrick Desharnais

Pro depuis 1998

Sébastien Béraud

Pro depuis 1996

Steve Daigle

Pro depuis 2022

Yanick Gagnon

Pro depuis 2022

Yvon Carpentier

Pro depuis 2018

Steve Bilodeau

Pro depuis 2012

Nicolas M. Ouellette

Pro depuis 2021

Daniel Turgeon

Pro depuis 2020

Francis Daigneault

Pro depuis 2021

Brendon Ouellette Dubois

Pro depuis 2021