Whatever your advertisement project, our team is able to advise you properly. Our representatives will knock on your door to evaluate your needs. Whatever your request, we will find the product tailored to your needs. We cover the entire territory of Québec and are well aware of the diverse municipal regulations concerning advertising. By calling us, you are assured of a turnkey service that will save you time and money. The quality control carried out on every product guarantees compliance with the highest standards of the industry and with the agreed timetable.

Double-sided sign or on a pedestal:

It can be illuminated by fluorescent lamps-DEL or projectors - or non-luminous. This type of sign can be suspended from a pole or fixed to the ground.

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Single-sided sign:

It can be lighted or not and is usually fixed directly onto the exterior surface of your building facade.

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Illuminated letters:

More and more popular, these illuminated letters are also known as Channel Letters. They are found in 2D or 3D boxes containing DEL lighting. The colors are harmonized to your image, and there are numerous ways to mix and match for a more dynamic advertisement. On the current market, DEL technology supplies the most sustainable and economic lighting when it comes to reliability and energy conservation.

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Digital cutting:

We also offer a digital cutting service, also known as CNC. Our machine cuts all non-ferrous products, such as aluminum, wood and PVC. It allows the construction of 3D parts from a plan provided by the customer or designed by our technician.

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Urban furnishing:

This type of publicity is very effective and more and more in demand. As an advertising medium, it is installed in shopping centers or on streets. It is used as decorative furniture in front or inside your business or as a bus shelter. Its strategic location offers great exposure. For this type of project, we offer design, development, manufacturing and installation services.

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Concrete base:

We are able to determine the shape of the concrete base required for your project. In addition, our team manufactures and installs the concrete base at the factory or directly on site.

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Whether your sign is new or not, it is important to do annual maintenance to keep it in good condition. This inspection helps prevent failures and rids the box of insects or dirt found inside. We offer annual service contracts for all types of signs. Take care of your image and prolong the longevity of your sign.

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